Company Launches Innovative New Product to Help HVACR Technicians

HVACR Technicians

The Idea
The idea for the Juglugger refrigerant strap was born when a HVAC Technician challenged Juglugger’s inventor to carry a full cylinder of refrigerant gas from his service truck to the rooftop commercial refrigeration unit he was servicing.

As a project manager for a major refrigerant gas manufacturer, he was focused on the day-to-day needs of HVAC Contractors. As he wrestled the Jug up to the job site, the refrigerant strap concept was born with the simple thought…”There has to be a better way…!”

The Juglugger Creates Value for You
Saving a trip back and forth to the truck can easily save 5-10 minutes per service call. Given this savings alone, the Juglugger will pay for itself in a few days.  Our refrigerant strap also frees your hands for increased safety as you make your way to the job site.

Our Commitment to You
The Juglugger refrigerant strap was designed with feedback from HVAC technicians who used our strap prototypes extensively. Our strict quality control ensures every unit conforms to the high standards demanded by our “power users”. Our customers spoke and we listened to create an innovative new product designed to comfortably carry heavy objects …and makes your life easier!

Customer Service
We’ve spent tons of energy developing the innovative refrigerant strap concept with the sole purpose of making your work day a little easier. If for any reason your Juglugger doesn’t meet your expectations, contact us immediately and we’ll make it right. The Juglugger refrigerant strap comes with a standard 30 day money back guarantee.