What HVACR contractors say about the JugLugger Refrigerant Strap

Carry refrigerant cylinders

“Like a hammer to a nail…When I saw the JugLugger® Refrigerant Strap I immediately thought it would be a great way to free up my hands. It is secure, it saves time and it makes sense because I wear a backpack to carry my tools and the JugLugger allowed me to empty my hands to comply with safety regulations requiring the use of two hands to hold handrails. You have to use common sense when using the product because the weight is not centered, but it doesn’t take long to get used to. It is one less trip back and forth to my truck and the price point was right on. Anyone who evaluates the economics of this product will agree it pays for itself after a few days of use. The JugLugger is to a refrigerant jug what a hammer is to a nail. It’s simple and the most practical thing to use. It does what it is marketed to do…the clips pop on and stay on and they pop of quickly. I can switch from refrigerant cylinders to reclaim cylinders in 10 seconds. I can’t see any improvement in the product. I think one needs to be on every truck, and I encourage anybody who sees me using it to get one.”
Ron Bennett, Climate Control Services, LLC, Archer, FL

“Awesome, saves 5-10 min/job. It’s safer and it frees up my hands.”
John Baul, Wilmington, DE, HVAC Technician, Calvert Heating and Cooling

“I was surprised how heavy duty it is…it’s simple, effective, gets the job done…I’ve been pleased with it. I do a lot of commercial work and that’s why I wanted it. I use it to carry similarly weighted items 30-40 lb range like torches, motors, recovery units, recovery cylinders etc. I’ve had no problems with it and I’m glad I bought it. I like the hooks and the fact I can carry a lot of different items. I was surprised how heavy duty the product was when I first got it. I can’t think of any changes to the product, it’s simple, effective and gets the job done…not a lot of bells and whistles. It helps me get jobs done more quickly, and I’ve used it many times just to carry items from my truck to service equipment. It works really well when the refrigerant cylinder is partially full and weighs a little less than a full cylinder of refrigerant.”
Wesley Robertson, H.T. Service Inc., Claycomo, MO

“I use it on every job, I can carry everything in one trip.”
Dustin Lynam, Wilmington, DE, HVAC Technician, Calvert Heating and Cooling

“It puts less fatigue on my body…” As I get older, I need to work smarter not harder, and using the JugLugger Refrigerant Carrying Strap puts less fatigue on my body. It allows me to make one trip from the truck by carrying my tool belt, gauges and jug at the same time. I’ve been happy with the product, it’s well made, heavy duty and comfortable and the clamps don’t come off unless you want them to. The product is fairly priced, and I have recommended it to my partner and local supply house.”
Alan Neilson, Owner, Kiwi Heating & Cooling LLC, Manasquan, NJ