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Welding Journal Oct 2014
Carrying Strap Helps Welders Safely Move Cylinders The JugLugger carrying strap helps welders carry propane cylinders and torches on the job site and up ladders. The strap lets welders free their hands to comply with OSHA ladder safety regulations and improve job efficiency. This tool connects quickly to gas cylinders and other heavy gear. It features a high strength adjustable strap, steel connections clips, and foam shoulder pad covered with high denier nylon.

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New Ideas Professional Roofing July 2014
SC Products Inc. has introduced the JugLugger® carrying strap to help contractors carry propane cylinders up ladders and on roofs during low-slope torch roofing work. Using the strap, workers can free their hands to comply with ladder safety regulations and improve job efficiency, reportedly saving up to 10 minutes per job. The carrying strap connects to gas cylinders and other heavy gear and features an adjustable strap, steel connection clips and a foam shoulder pad.

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Ladder Safety Lesson Plan 2013
SAFE LADDER PRACTICES FOR HVACR TECHNICIANS Learn OSHA requirements regarding ladder safety and fall protection as well as the best techniques to safely move tools and equipment to rooftops. Learn the proper techniques to select, inspect, set-up, use and care for fixed ladders (service ladders), single and extension ladders.

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One Handed Ladder Climbing Is History 2012
For more than 80 years, refrigerant cylinders have been hauled up ladders by hand. The practice called “one handed ladder climbing” can now be eliminated leading to the potential for improved safety for HVACR technicians thanks to an innovative new product from SC Products, Inc of Wilmington, Delaware…

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JugLugger Counter Card – HVACR revised July 2014
Stop Falling Down on the Job
Contact us to order counter cards for your wholesale location

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JugLugger Counter Card – Roofers & Welders Aug 2014
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Carrying Techniques Sept 2014
This article discusses ways to use your JugLugger strap (same side carrying vs. cross body). It also reviews connection techniques for single handled cylinders or handles that are larger than standard.

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